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Product Image (YMat8mm)

Yoga Mat for Gym or Home Exercise 8 mm

Price: 796 INR/Piece

173cm x 61cm x 6mm anti-skid yoga mat is perfect for yoga workout and other floor exercises It provides padding and support which helps you perform the posture comfortably Easy to roll up and washable Non-slip bottom provides stability during yoga or workout Textured patterned foam material

Product Image (HN-286)

Weighing Scale Omron HN-286

Price: 1999 INR/Piece

Please place the scale on level ground for correct measurements , 4 sensor accuracy technology - Precision display to the closest 100 gram - Contains instruction manual, a trial battery - The scale will be automatically turned off after 16 seconds - This device comes with battery contact plastic strap which has to be removed before using the product, else the device will not function as expected

Product Image (HN-289)

Weighing Scale Digital HN-289

Price: 1699 INR/Piece

Selectable matrix Precision display, Automatic on and off High grade tempered glass panel Sleek ultra thin design, 4 Sensor Accuracy Technology

Product Image (YMat4mm)

Yoga Mat for Gym or Home Exercise 4 mm

Price: 470 INR/Piece

4 mm Thick and 180 cm by 60 cm high density NBR foam - comfortable and easy to use for any exercise and activity, providing maximum cushioning from impact for you legs, knees, backs, and ankles. Slip proof and waterproof - stablizing your posture and allowing you to practice your favorite exercises without fear of slipping and falling; perfect for reducing the likelihood for injuries.

Product Image (YMat6mm)

Yoga Mat for Gym or Home Exercise 6 mm

Price: 716 INR/Piece

Premium quality Striped Yoga mat. Key Features: Odor and Smell Free: This yoga mat does not carry any intrusive odors or smells. Superior Shock Absorption and anti skid: Silly Sale Premium Yoga Mat has EVA foam filling that cushions you and absorbs shock so you can enjoy a safe workout session. Easy to Clean and Carry: If this yoga mat gets dirty, you can easily wash it. Whats more, its also easy to carry as it comes with free Premium Band. EVA Foam Filling Material: Engineered to give you optimum stability, this Yoga Mat has EVA foam filling that feels soft and protects your body from the hard ground. Water Resistant: The material is water resistant so it stays durable and new for longer.


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